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We well understand the requirements for business or business casual styles. You can trust, that our tie styles will be a nice adornment to your apparel. We have a variety of different tie designs and most of them are shaped in a contemporary manner and up to date. No matter what is your style preference you may opt the one you love: solid, floral, striped, patterned and many other.

Our ties are produced to meet the highest quality standards. We produce only woven (no print) with the handmade finish. They are made entirely of natural fibers: silk, cotton, linen and wool.

A shirt is inevitable part of a formal dress, so we offer as well shirts, which are produced from the best European fabrics: twill, poplin, Oxford fabrics. They come in different colors and patterns to be the best options for your business or casual wearing.

You will find plenty of tie styles, designs and colors.

Solid ties

Classical and solid image is the best choice for your everyday business attire. Here is the range of ties in a plain color or having some minor decorations for a solid or elegant image. Fashion trends may come and go, but a classic grey or black tie never goes out of style. Our selection of fine ties features bold colors and endless elegance, perfect for everyday business attire. Whether you are a stockbroker or a professor, you deserve to look sharp every hour of your work day. Here you will find a range of ties for work or formal dress event. Browse for a black tie or choose a subtlepattern to enhance your wardrobe. No matter what tie design you are looking for, a tie in solid plain color or with fine detailing is always a perfect option for any of your needs.

Striped ties

Striped ties are most versatile type of ties, which will smoothly go along with nearly any of your plain color suit. Striped tie will create a solid and classical image. If you’re in search of a new way to add a touch of sophistication to your business attire, a striped tie is just the solution you need. These versatile ties are the perfect piece for your formal style. You’ll be pleased with the compatibility of your clothing when it comes to striped ties. Woven ties featuring bold striped detailing are always fashion forward, while silk ties are a can’t-miss.
Whether you want to look dapper, smart, or stylish, the answer is always clear: a quality striped tie will never steer you wrong. The choice is yours, as to whether you want your striped tie to dominate your outfit or be a subtle touch of elegance. Our ties are made of the best fabrics and feature great detail coupled with stylish design. If you’re in need of a new look and want something classic, look no further for premium ties. We have the options you need.

Plaid ties

Traditional tartan and gingham patterns with a contemporary express. Contrasting or subtle color combinations make the ties excelent and remarkable. When you want to add a new exciting twist to your everyday business attire, consider choosing a plaid tie. Bold and eye-catching, a stately plaid tie looks perfect with most men’s suits. Some men may be afraid of mixing a plaid tie into their everyday dress routine, but you can easily pair a plaid tie with a solid color shirt. The combination of the two will make any outfit pop, so you will stand out at the next meeting or corporate gathering. A plaid tie is a classic, that is always on the cutting edge of fashion, no matter what the hottest trends may be. You will achieve your best fashion when you select a tie, that is distinguished yet has a certain playfulness to it; just like you, your tie is stylish but not rigid.

Patterned ties

Impressive quality woven ties enriched by impressive patterns. You will find diverse styles of patterns: floral, geometrical and luxury. Some are luxury and some created in contemporary manner. If you wish to gain a remarkable appearance, choose our gorgeous patterned ties weaved in contrasting colors. The ties weaved in subtle color patterns will be definitely the best for your delicate outfit. Impressive quality woven ties decorated by impressive patterns. Here you will find a range of tie designs, featured by various patterns: floral, spotted, geometric or luxury. We created these designs with the utmost attention to color and each detail of the pattern. If you are smart, dashing and self-confident – then our bold patterns are made definitely having You in mind. Choose our gorgeous rich patterned ties weaved in bold contrasting colors if you wish to gain a remarkable appearance.When it comes to your apparel, you deserve a distinct look, that reflects your personality and who you are.  Subtle color ties, will be the best if you search for delicate accessory to decorate your outfit. We hope that everybody will find here a tie for any occasion or a preferred style, and it will become one of his mostly beloved.

Spotted ties

Spotted design of ties is one of the most favorites probably for most men. The spotted pattern makes them noticeable, but still has restrained solid look. If being too bold is not your favorite image, but still you prefer to be stylish, then choose any necktie from our spotted ties collection. Our spotted ties are created in mini floral or dotted ornament patterns and fashionable subtle colors. This is a true spirit of elegance.


Choose our quality dress shirts, which are produced in Europe of the best European fabrics. The best selection of twill, pinpoint, oxford and poplin fabrics, which come in plain colors or adorned in striped or gingham patterns for any of your elaborated wish or occasion. The shirts are made in slim fit, which may assure you not only comfortable wearing experience, but most importantly, we promise you will look very nice.


Thanks for shopping in our store and have a pleasant wearing.

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